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We are enablers! Made only of natural ingredients and backed by recipes passed on through generations, we bring you products that make cooking completely hassle free!

With Passion! With the perfect recipe and industry's most advanced technology and machinery, we have an innovative system that allows us to cater to your hunger pangs!


Ready To Cook

Do you get up lazy but crave south indian food? Don't worry we have just the perfect solution.


Ready To Mix

Get the right proportion and right ingredients without any effort


Now Cook In 3 Minutes

No Chemicals , No Preservatives.<br /> Your food is ready even before you are ready.

Nagender Cheekoti - The Founder

As a Production Engineering B. Tech graduate from Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of technology and being a mechanical and production enthusiast, I was not interested in working for an IT company and was in search for good production engineer job in a company where I could learn and understand how things work practically. It was during this job search period, when I had a lot of free time, when I started helping my mom in the kitchen chores and was astonished by the long and tedious process of making idly or dosa. I wondered if there was a simpler and affordable method to make these amazing breakfast dishes that people all over India loved. That’s when I tried to understand the science behind making idlis and dosas so that i can make the process simpler and convenient at an affordable price. My dad, mom and ammamma (moms mother) helped me a lot and gave amazing insights. This was the beginning of our journey. 


5 stars Classy product The flavour is like literally same and low calorie breakfast which helps me with me diet too, easy to make and very very tasty would recommend this to everyone

Prasad Kumar

I dont like Upma that much, but D.E.S.I flavoured upma made me crave upma from then. Why such drastic change? D.E.S.I Upma is flavorful, available in many flavors, so it doesn't get boring and easy to make.

Tejaswini Batta

Very tasty, loved it and it's very useful to save time for the meal as am working from home i can save a lot of time. Really loved it!!! I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Vishnu P